Open-Source Virtual Airline Management

Create Your Virtual Airline

A complete virtual airline solution, where you can manage multiple airlines, schedules, fleets and finances to built your own community.

  • Manage pilot registrations
  • View live flights from ACARS clients
  • See flights and schedules
  • File flight reports
  • Pilots have ranks with a progression system

Easy Administration

Administration panel allows you to take control of your airline and manage all of the different aspects.

  • Create multiple airlines and schedules
  • Manage your fleets for routes
  • Add fares and expenses for flights and assets
  • Approvals and PIREP details
  • Manage users and roles

Built On Laravel

Open-source, extensible PHP framework for unlimited customization of your airline and community.

  • Built for PHP 7.2+, MySQL/MariaDB
  • Customize your look with themeing and templating
  • Create plugins and modules with event hooks
  • REST API available

See the project on Github

Open-Source, BSD License

Github See the Docs

Check out the Demo

Admin Email/Password: / admin

Check out the demo


Automate your PIREPS on phpVMS 7 with an ACARS application for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), FSX, Prepar3d or X-Plane.

Flight Tracking

Track your flights, from gate-to-gate, recording taxi-time to excess G-Forces in-flight.

  • See the flight and route events in detail
  • Track gates and runways automatically
  • Gear and light toggle tracking
  • Detailed flight tracking exported to phpVMS
  • Discord integration

Rules and Flight Quality

Reports are scored according to rules which are monitoring your pilots' flights.

  • Customize how your airline operates
  • Track your pilots performance
  • Enforce rules like taxi overspeed
  • Enable/disable rules in the admin interface
  • Points deducted for rule violations

Easy Administration

phpVMS module to make configuration and customization easy

  • Make global configuration changes
  • Customize rules and parameters for your VA
  • Control data collection intervals

Single license for your virtual airline

Flat one-time fee, no pilot limits, unlimited updates.

phpVMS Hosting with

Have your own domain

Register a domain name for your virtual airline or bring your own.

Shared Hosting

Tweaked and configured for phpVMS performance.

Flexible plans

No contracts.