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With the imminent release of phpVMS 3 in a beta version the
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phpVMS was started back in March 2008 by Nabeel Shahzad, when there was no real virtual airline management system available to use. Since then, it's grown to be the top VA management tool, supporting various ACARS applications, and a lively community. phpVMS is written on solid design principles, making it easy to modify and extend, with little effort. It's written in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, allowing you to easily customize the entire look and feel, by just manipulating HTML and CSS.

phpVMS 3

Fast Forward To 2017 After being part of the phpVMS community since 2009 and watching the project flourish for many years but start to decline due to the advancement of technologies and programming languages I asked myself what could be done to continue to keep the core system up to date and still be able to evolve the virtual airline part of the application. Short of an entire re-write of the core which I could not justify in my mind, the only option in my opinion was to build a virtual airline system on top of a readily available PHP framework that is being continually developed and updated. That would leave the concentration of the project focused on the virtual airline management aspect and not the maintaining of the core itself.

phpVMS 3 is written on top of the Codeigniter PHP Framework. Why use Codeigniter when many say it is not worthy as other newer frameworks that have been written, many using Codeigniter as a core design? Codeigniter found new life when the British Columbia Institute of Technology took ownership of the project in October of 2014. It has had true support since the change in ownership and has continued to improve with the release of version 3 and version 4 is on the horizon. It is simple to install on most common configurations of web servers, has some of the best documentation out there, the available libraries are extensive, and creating new custom libraries is a simple process.

phpVMS 3 can be used as a stand-alone application for managing your virtual airline and if desired API end points can be added to gain access to aircraft, airport, schedule, and other databases.

A converter is able to convert older phpVMS databases to the newer format and most freeware modules are now built in to the core system. Payware modules will need minor changes to operate as designed.

David Clark (Simpilot)