phpVMS 3
With the imminent release of phpVMS 3 in a beta version the
website has been updated. You can still reach the original site HERE .


Basic Features

  • Basic requirements - PHP 5.6+ and MySQL
  • Simple install
  • Supported on Windows and Linux
  • Update notifications
  • File PIREPs, setup daily schedules, aircraft
  • Comprehensive financials, with various types of expenses, aircraft pax and cargo
  • And more...

Administration and Customization

  • AJAX-Powered admin panel, with approval for pilots and PIREPs
  • Flight schedule CSV import and export for easy editing
  • Pilot Groups, Ranks, and Awards
  • Easy, portable skinning with HTML based templates for customization
  • Add PIREP and Profile fields
  • Tie aircraft to ranks, which can be assigned manually or by flight hours
  • Integrated content management system with pages and news
  • Post downloads with categories and files
  • Extensible through the API

Features for Pilots

  • ACARS Application support - kACARS, FSACARS, XAcars, FSPassenger, and FS Flight Keeper
  • Downloadable configuration files for ACARS applications
  • Live ACARS Map
  • Dynamic signatures generated
  • Flight bids and booking
  • Ranks, manually applied by an admin, or by flight hours
  • Awards and groups
  • Aircraft can be restricted to ranks

Schedule Features

  • Multiple airlines with unique schedules
  • Set times and days of week for flights
  • Assign specific aircraft to routes
  • Set fuel prices at airports
  • Passenger, cargo, and charter flights
  • And more...

Advanced Features

  • Pilot pay based on rank scale
  • Price your flights and cargo
  • Complete month-by-month breakdown
  • Various expense types available (percentage, fixed)
  • Flash-based charts with yearly, monthly details
  • Produce balance sheets for months/years
  • And more...